Ground Mustard

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Black and yellow mustard is native to southern Europe while brown mustard is native to India. Mustard is cultivated in India, Canada, the United States, and parts of Europe and it belongs to the cabbage family. The Romans first introduced this plant to Europe and in medieval Europe mustard was the one spice an ordinary person could afford. These tiny seeds weather they are brown, black, yellow seem unassuming to look at with barely any aroma until you toast it or fry it like in baghar or tadka or until you grind it.

Tasting Notes: Black mustard seeds are a bit stronger than the yellow mustard and great when used whole. The flavors of all three varieties are a bit pungent, a bit bitter and slightly hot and aromatic with slight variations among them.
Uses: Marinades, spice blends, spice rubs, especially for fish. The whole black mustard is used in Tadkas and baghar on lentils or soups and some vegetable dishes. The mixed jar is used in vegetable dishes to give a medium flavor.

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