Shahi Zeera

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The words Shahi Zeera, A.K.A. Black cumin, belongs to the Apiaceae family. Black cumin is native to Asia and Northern India but grows wild predominantly in Kashmir. While growing up in India the word shahi zeera was used when referring to this spice. It was only used in the royal during the Mughul Empire, which is why it’s called “Shahi zeera,” meaning “royal cumin” or “imperial cumin.” Though not as common as our regular cumin it is still used in most of the households in India.

Tasting Notes: Floral aroma, that is heavy, strong and piney when roasted and crushed. The taste is peppery, and a bit pungent and nutty resembling that of caraway.
Uses: Mainly used in masala packets for biryani rice. Also used in spice blends, garam masalas, breads, cookies, sea food, kabobs and some vegetable dishes.

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